How do I fit in?

There are many people involved in the life of Kingsway Chapel. Each person is important and valuable to God, and to the future life of this community. Here is a picture which we hope will help you understand the different ways people relate to each other and to the fellowship as a whole.


Lots of people have connections to Kingsway Chapel. Parents who send their children to one of our activities, people who come into the building for events - there are a whole variety of ways in which people are influenced by the existence of this Church.

While we are happy to serve the community around us, our hope is that people will want to find out more about what we believe and who we are as a fellowship of believers.


As people begin to attend the activities of the Chapel on a regular basis they become part of our "congregation" - the group of people who we would regularly see Sundays. The congregation is made up of people who have a faith in Jesus Christ, and of those who may be considering or exploring what they believe.

We are delighted to see people come along regularly to our events and services, and our prayer is that those who are part of the congregation will feel that this is "their church".

Committed Members

We hold a list of people who have made a decision to make Kingsway Chapel "their church". Members have accepted the basic beliefs that we hold, and have decided to make Kingsway Chapel their "spiritual home".

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We would encourage all of our committed members to join one of our Fellowship Groups (small groups which meet during the week) and to be at our Sunday Services. In becoming a member you are joining a growing group of people who have made the decision to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and to live life His way. As a result of this we are dedicated to helping each other grow in our understanding of the Bible and how it relates to our everyday life. Our desire is that people will grow in their faith and understanding and start to share that faith with other people.

Core Members

At the heart of Kingsway Chapel there are people who give of themselves to make this fellowship work. These people are our "core". They are dedicated believers, committed to being here on Sundays, part of a Fellowship Group, attend our Prayer Meetings, are involved in serving in at least one of the activities of the Chapel, and give financially so we can continue to grow and develop. This is the group of people who have united around the vision and leadership of the Chapel and are prepared to give and work to see that vision become a reality.

Where ever you are in the above picture our prayer is that you will be blessed and encouraged in your journey with God. Our role is to help you grow - to grow in your relationship with God, to grow and become part of a loving community of believers, to become all that God has made you to be.

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