Fellowship Groups

tea & Biscuits

The best way to grow in any relationship is to spend time together. Our Fellowship Groups help us grow in our relationships with each other, and with God.

We have a number of groups that meet at various times during the week (see list below). Most of our members are members of one of these groups and have found it to be a great support and encouragement - as well as a great place to find some good friends. Each group has about 10 - 12 members.

In planning our times together we use the "4W's" as our guide: Welcome, Worship, Word, Witness. The Welcome time is a chance to chat and catch up on the week and can often involve coffee, biscuits or even cake! Worship is also important because we are not just meeting with each other, but with God. It is always interesting to explore different ways of worshipping God, and each group will have it's own preferred way.

This leads naturally into a time when we can turn to God's Word and learn more about what it means to live with God and for God in our daily lives. This is often a time of discussion as we explore the practical side of living as a Christian in today's world. And finally we have our Witness time when we think and pray about what it means to live as a witness to Jesus in everyday life. This is a time when we can pray for each other and for specific things that are happening in our lives. We also pray for the opportunity to share our faith we those we meet in the rest of the week.

For more information you can contact our Fellowship Group Co-ordinator.

Study Notes

These notes have been produced as we have looked at specific topics.

Current Groups:

Group LeaderTimeComment
JennyTuesday 1pmGroup for Ladies only
Malcolm Wednesday 8pm 
Alan & Pauline Tuesday 7.30pm 
John and Joan Wednesday 7pm 
Pearl Thursday 10.30am 

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